What We Do
What We Do

Improvelocity is a group of musical artists and guest performers who improvise music, stories, poetry and soundscapes with voices, instruments and audience inspiration. We perform in a variety of venues, offer workshops, and are available for festivals, conferences, fund raisers, reunions, and other special public and private events. Each performance is created, shared and savored in the moment and cannot be repeated, so the musical experience is forever new!

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Our Vision

"One creative impulse has the power to invite and extend inspiration"

Our vision is to create improvised music that uplifts and inspires the expression of ideas and talents more freely. We believe in sharing with others the incredible adventure of creating improvised music, listening deeply to each other, and saying "yes" to the creative impulses that are offered. We join our talents, hearts, minds and spirits in creative synergy, making music together and allowing ourselves to be vessels in following divine inspiration and guidance, that we all carry, which connects us.

Our vision is to help create a world where our audiences feel inspired and encouraged to express themselves fully and create their life in harmony with their highest aspirations.

How Improvelocity Began
"Letís read a poem or prose,
feel the impulse of its imagery,
and see where it musically takes us"
What emerged from these beginnings in 2003, was a landscape of sound, harmonies, dissonance, rhythms, and creative, daring collaboration. Improvelocity was born! Discovering the wonder, magic and amazing creativity within the scope of 'music-in-the moment' opened our hearts in ways we never expected, with a new found joy in music through --- spontaneous creation !

Since then, Improvelocity has grown and is ever expanding into a professional ensemble of core and guest artist musicians, who perform rich and magical combinations of music and delve into an extremely wide variety of musical genres. Each performance is created and savored in the moment, and will forever be unique!


. . . is an extremely unique and exciting improvisational performance troupe made up of talented musicians and vocal artists -- each, with richly diverse, creative backgrounds and experiences.

. . . performances begin, continue and end with 'In-the-Moment' creative musical and non-musical impulses and energy expressed through improvisational solo and ensemble work with piano and vocals.

. . . incorporates lyric prose and poetic works combined with an array of musical genre choices including: classical, musical theater, jazz, and indigenous structures and melody.

. . . is a gathering of performance artists who desire to share their talent and are eager to create in this rare musical exploration and immersion into the 'unknown', which defines Improvelocity.

. . . extends the opportunity for audience members to musically “co-create” in a variety of formats with Improvelocity musicians, live!

. . . miraculously leads performers and audiences alike to a new awareness and awe of the spirit and joy found in the moment of collective creativity, which truly opens the doors of inspiration to all who seek it!

Listen to Sound Samples!

These sound samples are short segments from live recordings averaging between 60 seconds and 90 seconds in length. These are high quality MP3 files, between .5 MB and 1.5 MB in size. You'll need Windows Media Player, Musicmatch Jukebox, or some similar MP3 player to listen.

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Improvelocity: "Improvising music at the speed of sound!"
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